Track by track /// Pale Fires ‘Mammoth’ [EP] 2014

Our favourite psychedelic wonder Pale Fires strike with a new EP ‘Mammoth’ and, trust us, this record is magical to the greatest point. The collective showcase their signature, outer space, live sound on the EP, invite you to some parallel world and actually hypnotise you so that you join forces with them forever and ever. … Continue reading

Loving Forty-Four

Track by track /// Loving Forty-Four ‘Strip Me Dirty’ [EP] 2014

Loving Forty-Four won’t take long to electrify your atmosphere with their intense, sexy music. Trust us, these guys can’t miss and will shoot you straight into your heart. The band’s EP ‘Strip Me Dirty’ is a collection of  tunes destined to make you move – just what the musicians aim at doing. In this track-by-track … Continue reading

The Ha'pennies

Getting to know /// The Ha’pennies

If, for some reason, you’re feeling low, The Ha’pennies’ music will be a great mood setter for you on any day of the week. Light, clear and very soulful, their tunes won’t leave you indifferent. The band introduce themselves and talk about their music, inspirations and more. – What was the beginning of The Ha’pennies as a … Continue reading


In their words /// Morganway on ‘My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You’

My brother and I formed Morganway last year, and while most of our songs are new, “My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You” has been kicking around a while. It came about suddenly and somewhat inconveniently, as the best ones do, while I was in-between work-shifts. The line and melody just jumped out, and the rest … Continue reading

The Glass Child2

Face to face with /// The Glass Child

Charlotte Eriksson aka The Glass Child calls herself a wanderer, who doesn’t want to settle down in one place. Possessing ultimate talent, powerful voice which awakens the deepest hidden emotions of your inner self and making incredibly poetic, beautiful music, The Glass Child spent quite a lot of time in London before relocating to Berlin and knows … Continue reading

Oxford Coast

In their words /// Oxford Coast on ‘Lone Wolf’

Lone Wolf was inspired by a personal relationship I had a couple of years ago. The first half of the song (with the ‘only girl in the crowd with flowers in her hair’ lyric) had been around for a few years but I’d never been able to come up with a good chorus for it. … Continue reading


Face to face with Plainview

Dark, magnetic, roaring riffs wrap you like firm embrace which definitely won’t let you go once you get into it. Haunting vocals will stay in your head for days on end circulating through your system. This is Plainview. Want to experience this music wonder? Get Plainview’s debut self-titled album from iTunes and read on to … Continue reading

Scarlet Soho 2

Track by track /// Scarlet Soho ‘Two Steps From Heartache’ [EP] 2014

Scarlet Soho’s music is mysteriously electronic as well as electric. Rock Britain think that this band make ideal soundtrack for nights, so the release of their EP ‘Two Steps From Heartache’ is brilliant news. Scarlet and James talk you through all the tracks of their newest brainchild. JAMES Two Steps From Heartache I think this … Continue reading

The Healing

Face to face with The Healing

Music can heal and restore the inner powers of your body. Just give a listen to The Healing and see what kind of wonders their music can make with you. Rock Britain talked to Jim (vocals/guitar) about the band’s debut EP ‘Childhood Home’, top albums of 2014 and those special tricks that help to make … Continue reading

Face to face with Less Than Nothing

Evocative instrumental music needs no words to fully express itself… This is what makes Less Than Nothing stand out and be this special band you’ve been looking for for a long time. Recently the band have released their full-length album ‘It Will Set You Free’ – a bit-over-half-an-hour music masterpiece where instruments live their own … Continue reading


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