In their words /// Fable on ‘I Speak Words’

Deep, powerful, expressive vocals on top of artfully striking melody – this is the debut single ‘I Speak Words’ from Fable. Step into the dark depth without fear… Here’s the song story from the singer herself. “I Speak Words was dreamt up whilst I was staying at my manager’s house during a writing session, trying to … Continue reading

Getting to know /// Projected Images

  While punk is the main driving force behind Projected Images’ music, the band have much more to offer: energy, passion, talent, character. Get to know Projected Images as Ralph talks about the band and their music.  – Your debut EP is ready. What kind of experience was it to prepare your debut record? – … Continue reading


Face to face with The Hertz Complex

Incredible, magnetic post-punk courtesy of The Hertz Complex is definitely going to send chills down your spine just because it’s that good! July 14th is the release date of the band’s debut EP ‘A New Habit’ and it will become your habit to listen to it non-stop once you get it. The Hertz Complex talk … Continue reading


In their words /// INEGO on ‘Startin’ Fires’

Very dynamic and ever-changing, full of atmospheric shades and unusual tints, the new track ‘Startin’ Fires’ by INEGO is a very special work of music. The band tell Rock Britain about their new creation.  The great thing about music is that people can find their own meanings within in, so I don’t want to say too much … Continue reading

Jake Evans

Face to face with Jake Evans

Bursting with energy, the music created by Jake Evans is hard to pass by without being drawn to it. His latest single ‘This Is Life’ is a vivacious and explosive affair with this special spark that makes the song very appealing. Jake chats to Rock Britain about the single and other things music-wise. – Your … Continue reading


Face to face with Villiers

  Haunting and mesmerising sound from Villiers can hardly leave you indifferent. Influenced by the likes of Echo and the Bunnymen, Editors and Glasvegas to name the few, Villiers create the music to be remembered. Ben Earnshaw (vocals/guitar/synths) talks to Rock Britain about the band’s new single ‘Dancer’, the importance of music and books as … Continue reading

Desert Ships

In their words /// Desert Ships on ‘Heart Beats’

Ideal for summer, very upbeat and incredibly warm in sound – this is all the new single ‘Heart Beats’ from Desert Ships. Read on to the band telling the story of the song… ‘Heart Beats’ came together quickly and is one of several songs that developed from guitar loops I make at home. I think … Continue reading

Mark Mathews

Face to face with Mark Mathews

Emotional, very sincere and absolutely charming – this is the music London-based singer/songwriter Mark Mathews makes. Boasting a very interesting cultural background and having travelled a lot in his life for the ultimate experience, Mark cuts a striking performer indeed. But wait, let him tell you all about it… – Your single London Lives is out. … Continue reading


Face to face with Weatherbird

Loud and rebellious – this is the music we love, don’t we? Then I reckon you’ll more than just love Weatherbird. To be fairly honest, you’ll instantly endear yourself to them for the rest of your life. Vocalist and guitarist Jacob Ball talks to Rock Britain about Weatherbird’s new single ‘King Gluttony’, summer tunes and not having … Continue reading

Concert stories /// Svoy Subbotnik / Moscow / Gorky Park / 05.07.2014

When meeting in the same place at the same time to listen to some really good live music becomes an annual tradition, one can only be happy about it. Subbotnik was held in Moscow in July 2013 for the first time and proved a huge success: stunning line-up with Foals, Hurts and Arctic Monkeys starring … Continue reading


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