Getting to know /// Pistolhead

Pistolhead are the kind of band which you wish you had more of around: they have ultimate desire to make really good, unique music and they actually succeed in it. Rock Britain talks to Daniel Bateman to get to know Pistolhead a bit closer and we have learnt an important thing: believe in Pistolhead!  – First of … Continue reading

The Four Fours

Musicians’ inspirations /// Chris (The Four Fours)

Radiohead – The Bends I got into The Bends around the time I got seriously into playing guitar. For me it came into my life at a time when I really wanted to learn about the world but was becoming disenfranchised with education, or at least the education I was receiving at the time. The … Continue reading

Glass Caves

Face to face with Glass Caves

Glass Caves’ blistering talent shines as bright as the sun on the UK music scene. The band have recently released their debut album ‘Alive’, which will definitely make you come alive after you’ve listened to it – so good and vibrant it is. Rock Britain chat to the band’s own Matt about ‘Alive’, best albums … Continue reading

El Deyma

Face to face with El Deyma

Creativity and talent mix perfectly in El Deyma. Just have a look at their videos and you’ll see what we mean. The band’s latest single ‘Exclusive Try’ continues not only the adventures of the Magic Shoe, but also the tradition to make cracking tunes with spirit. Rock Britain chat to Flo and Giulio about all the … Continue reading

Gutshot for Broadway

In their words /// Gutshot For Broadway

Our first track Pity Boy is based loosely around the book ‘the power of now’ and the feeling Arnaud was left with after reading it. The book urges you to be totally immersed in the present moment, which is the most beautiful idea and should definitely be strived towards but when you can’t quite do … Continue reading


Getting to know //// The Boy From The Crowd

Tight and raw, with relentless energy and grit, tons of character and just special attitude, The Boy From The Crowd stand out on the scene considerably. The collective’s newest single ‘Revelator’  actually speaks for itself and shows what the band are capable of. Rock Britain chatted to Vinny Piana about The Boy From The Crowd … Continue reading

Bare Knuckle Parade

Track by track /// Bare Knuckle Parade ‘Iron Lungs’ EP 2014

If you want some diversity and unusual spark in your music, why not give a listen to some rock music with celtic flavour. Bare Knuckle Parade are experts in this kind of music, so grab their debut EP ‘Iron Lungs'(available online on iTunes, Amazon mp3, spotify from 5th November 2014 and  available in physical copy … Continue reading


Face to face with Suzerain

Suzerain are epic. Do we need to say more? They belong to the superb breed of bans who must be heard and admired by all means if you like really good music. The band’s EP ‘Good Day’ comes out on 30th November and Rock Britain had a chat with Tom Pether (vocals) about the forthcoming … Continue reading

Play Record Erase

Track by track /// Play Record Erase ‘New Colour’ [EP] 2014

Big alternative riffs with eerie, dreamy feel making its way from the outer space to the explosive foreground turn Play Record Erase’s EP ‘New Colour’ into an affair to remember. In this track by track story the band guide you through their fantastic brainchild. The EP as a whole has a different meaning from the songs … Continue reading

The Twisted Dolls2

Band of the week /// The Twisted Dolls

Their riffs will make your head go dizzy and intense tunes will become your obsession. Please give it up to The Twisted Dolls. On The Twisted Doll’s formation: It came together out of the ashes of an old band. Luke and Jimi wanted to start a new group with a real heavy blues influence, using some … Continue reading


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