Whicha Mirrors

In their words /// Whicha Mirrors on ‘Lightyears’

Lightyears was conceived in the Summer of 2011. Inspired by a timelessness felt both in our evolving friendship and in our surroundings. The themes of eternal youth, love, life & death, and reincarnation are prevalent in the track. The cyclical nature of the seasons, of relationships as well as some subtle references to the afterlife … Continue reading

Empire Affair

Face to face with Empire Affair

Elevating, light, extremely inspirational music by Empire Affair is made for making your heart beat faster and your mind go dizzy with excitement. The band’s third EP ‘Pangs’ is out in September and this is the record to enjoy to the full and keep you sunny on long, cold winter nights. The band’s guitarist and … Continue reading

City Reign live at The Deaf Institute

In their words /// City Reign on ‘When You Got It All’

Have you ever sat and thought about the repetitive monotony of getting up every morning, going to work, coming home, eating, watching TV, going to bed and then doing the whole thing again the next morning? And have you ever wondered why it is that we all do it? Because millions of us do it, … Continue reading

(c) Ben Ponsford

Getting to know /// Braver Than Fiction

Folk and blues vibes layered over alternative bases make Braver Than Fiction sound not like your ordinary band. Give them a listen, eh? And read on to lead singer Mel’s introducing the band. – First of all, what was that, that brought you all guys together to form Braver than Fiction? – Back in 2013, … Continue reading

(c) Philip Heathcote

Face to face with Hey Bulldog

Teasingly dark, mysteriously psychedelic and irresistibly captivating, Hey Bulldog will leave you no chances of escaping from them. With EP ‘Numb’ under their belts, Hey Bulldog are ready to take over the UK. Vocalist and guitarist Rob Manton chats to Rock Britain about everything Hey Bulldog-wise. – You’ve got the EP ‘Numb’ out. How would … Continue reading

False-Heads 2

Track by track /// False-Heads ‘Tunnel Vision’ [EP] 2014

Unusual, very hard to pin down and marvellously intriguing – this is all the new EP ‘Tunnel Vision’ from False-Heads. Wanna know more? Read on to Luke Griffiths’s introduction to each track on the record.  Fall Around My favourite song on the EP. I just really enjoyed writing it and finishing it which I don’t … Continue reading

Katalina Kicks

Face to face with Katalina Kicks

Sounding as live and raw as if they were playing next to you, Katalina Kicks have this special spark in their music that makes it shine bright and powerful. Having gone through quite a lot in the span of several years, Katalina Kicks are stronger than ever as they’re unleashing their sophomore album ‘Dirt’. Vocalist … Continue reading

The Lightness Of Being

In their words /// The Lightness Of Being on ‘Wasteland’

It’s fantastic how one song can get you through all sorts of emotions in the span on several minutes. ‘Wasteland’ – a six-plus-minute epicness from The Lightness Of Being – is the music journey which will take you to the best place in the universe and back again.  It’ll grab you and pin you to the … Continue reading

Algernon Doll pic 3

Face to face with Algernon Doll

Ewan Grant is the main man behind Algernon Doll. With two properly eclectic albums under his belt, on his third effort ‘Omphalic’ Ewan pushes the limits even further. True, due to his great talent he belongs to the breed of musicians who can never fear becoming complacent. Rock Britain chats to Ewan about ‘Omphalic’, more new … Continue reading


Track by track /// The Blue Dawns ‘I’ve Seen The Signs’ [EP] 2014

Dirty raging sounds storming out of ‘I’ve Seen The Signs’ EP by The Blue Dawns to seduce listeners with raw, old school passion which is hard to rival. Do you think you’ll be able to resist the temptation? Hardly. The Blue Dawns themselves take over Rock Britain to introduce their latest brainchild. Here’s our completely … Continue reading


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